Four novels published between 1978 and 1996 – now out of print. 

Crime novel with Detective James Della taking on Chicago’s “gangster killer,” a troubled, guilt-ridden man executing members of the city’s mafia outfit. I adapted this novel as a movie for Showtime in 1991 starring Lou Gosset Jr., Anthony LaPaglia, and Peter Coyote. Coyote was nominated for a Cable ACE Award (more on this novel in my book WRITE).

Cheevey is a coming-of-age tale and my best book, I believe. It is about a young man turning 20 in the 1990s and trying to hold together his coming-apart family (sampled and discussed in my new book WRITE). Cheevey was a top pick by the New England Booksellers Association and a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly.

My first book, also a Detective James Della crime novel, follows Della as he attempts to intersect a killer with a list of names and vengeance in mind.

Magical realism drama of disparate characters at a mountain lodge

NOVELS — Coming Attractions

I hope to rescue two older manuscripts from my dusty shelf, both of them part of my Laketown Tales series and both of which take place where and when I came of age in the small towns of Lake County, Illinois.

Two recent stage plays


154 and Paradise slowly peels away the known facts of a fatal auto accident, only to reveal . . . (sorry, no spoilers). A very creative staging by the Producing Group Unit of the Center Stage Theater, Santa Barbara, California, to mostly sold-out shows in an eight-performance run. 

Center Stage Theater in Santa Barbara, CA, (2013/2014) 

Directed by Peter Frisch

BAZOIN is a memoir/comedy/drama that takes place in real time as a middle-aged man visits his ailing mother in her kitchen where sometimes the past is flung about like crashing plates and sometimes appears as a soothing, waking dream – and all this as his second marriage crashes at home. The play was produced in Napa County, California, at the stalwart White Barn Theater for a sold out weekend in 2013. 

STAGE PLAYS — Coming Attractions

I have written a story, “The Man With Three Fists,” that I believe would transfer well to the stage. It’s one of my Laketown Tales that takes place in the fictionalized world of my growing up years in Round Lake, Illinois, among the channels and farm fields and the thousand lakes.

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