If you HAVE to write fiction, if it’s in your blood, as important as breathing, then please know that I have poured everything I have learned in 45 years of professional creative writing into this book – for you.  This is a very personal book, because I’ve lived every minute of it and because I didn’t want to write a ‘text book.’  It’s a kind of talk between me and all the people who want to be professional creative writers, and it’s not just a one-way talk, because I DO hear your questions and I answer them.  I can hear them because for years I taught at writing conferences around the country and adult classes in my own community in order to share what I love to do – in a way that I wish someone had shared with me when I was starting out.

There are chapters in my book to bring you from that first moment of inspiration to the end of your short story, novel, screenplay or stage play.  This is one man’s method that has survived and is still surviving.  A method, practiced and sharpened over decades as I struggled, learned and made a career of it that began in the 70s and carries on now.

My most recent film, “Words & Pictures” staring Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche was released in 2014.  In 2015 my new play “154 and Paradise” had an eight-performance booking at Santa Barbara’s Center Stage that was mostly sold out.  I’m not boasting.  I’m just telling you that I did not write this book from a rocking chair, wistful about the past.

So let’s take this journey together, and I wish you all the satisfaction I have had, doing what we so love to do – storytelling. 

“DiPego seeks to lead by example.  He doesn’t believe in ‘rule books for writing’…Rather, using samples from his own work, he uses questions and offers exercises in a helpful, entertaining manner… DiPego isn’t just an enjoyable writer himself; more crucially, he enjoys writing.  He constantly reminds readers that they each have their own voice and that discovering it, through practice and discipline, is how they become writers themselves. A well-done, accessible writing manual.”

--Kirkus Reviews


"IR Verdict:  A fascinating look into the mind of a highly successful author…WRITE! offers valuable lessons on…storytelling that will benefit creative writers of all stripes.  DiPego walks his readers step-by-step through the process of developing stories—from the initial spark of inspiration to the story’s resolution…offering myriad tips, suggestions and writing exercises to help writers generate ideas and hone their craft.

“But WRITE! is only a writing-advice book in part.  In some ways, it actually feels more like a memoir — one of a man who loves the written word and wants to inspire other to care about it just as deeply.  The result is a book that is not just a useful primer on developing and refining stories — it is also a highly entertaining read.”

“DiPego’s conversational writing style conveys encouragement, empathy, and the occasional stern warning about lazy writing…’if you find yourself writing a character as a one-dimensional device…stop and hit your head on the desk, not too hard, just enough to shake off all the flat characters that are always hanging around and saying, ‘Hey, use me, I’m easy, everybody knows what I stand for. I save you time.”

“WRITE! is also well-organized, making it easy for readers to return to sections that will help with the writing struggles they face from day to day. “

--Indiereader Review

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MORE REVIEWS FOR WRITE! Find the Truth in Your Fiction

I know of no one who understands storytelling and characters more than DiPego does. This is a must for writers at any stage in their career.

--Michael Taylor, Producer, Professor of Film and TV Production, USC School of Cinematic Arts

Gerald DiPego knows what so many writers don’t. He knows how to speak to a reader. He doesn’t just share facts and information, instead he evokes tone and mood and warmth and humor. He elicits emotions from readers by doing something special with words. It’s what we used to call ‘writing’.

--Jon Turteltaub, Director, While You Were Sleeping, Phenomenon, National Treasure

Everyone should read this engaging and informative book, beautifully written by a master storyteller. WRITE! Is going on my required reading lists for my graduate and undergraduate classes.

--Professor Barbara Boyle, film producer and Associate Dean, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

An inside look at how a writer can tap into his or her heart to find the authentic truth to put on the page.

--Curtis Burch, Producer, Words & Pictures, Five Flights Up

A highly skilled insider’s guide to creative writing from a man who not only practices what he preaches but shows you exactly how he does it.

--Fred Schepisi, Writer, Producer, Director, Six Degrees of Separation, Plenty, Roxanne, Words & Pictures

Write! Is an elegant, eloquent book, which no writer should be without.

--Andrea Adler, author of Pushing Upward, and The Science of Spiritual Marketing

DiPego’s generosity of spirit is in this book, informative, enjoyable, and inspiring reading for everyone who writes or wants to.

--Gillian Roberts, author of the award winning Amanda Pepper series

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Gerald DiPego

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