A Family of Writers

Ami Silber

Ami Silber

My very talented daughter-in-law, Ami Silber is a writer in the ROMANCE genre, bringing to that field a real depth and power through her finely wrought characters and stories.  Writing under the name Eva Leigh (and formerly Zoe Archer) she has earned yet another triumphant review for her work, a blend of fine writing and solid research in historical fiction. This new title is Dare To Love A Duke.

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Writing as Alexis Stanton, Ami also has a Hallmark title out for the holidays, A Timeless Christmas.


Her books are available on Amazon. Ami is a Romance Writers of America RITA™ award nominee and a graduate of the prestigious MFA writing program at Iowa State.  Visit her at www.evaleighauthor.com.

Zachary DiPego

Zachary DiPego

Writing under the name Nico Rosso, my son and Ami’s husband is also an established writer in the romance field, and after creating a new Romantic Suspense series called AUTOMATIK, he was nominated for a Romance Writers of America RITA™ award. His newest title is Renegade Protector, a down-to-the-bone romantic action tale.


This and more from Nico Rosso are available on Amazon.

See all his books at www.nicorosso.com.

Justin DiPego

Justin DiPego

My son Justin DiPego's newest novel, “The Seven O’Clock Man” is a murder mystery that takes place in old Skid Row in LA, where the lost people live, and the protagonist trying to solve this string of murders is a lost man himself. It’s available on Amazon.

This is a cleverly written, exciting murder thriller, with a twist! Set in the late 80s DTLA skid row, it's full of interesting characters and insights into the homeless culture of a time past. Don't get too cozy, it's definitely a rollercoaster of a book. 

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Justin also has a new film in release called The Ghost of New Orleans, now available on cable and DVD and starring Terrence Howard, Josh Lucas and Lake Bell. One reviewer called it “a haunted noir thriller.”

He has created his own short film as writer, director and actor that’s been featured on the festival circuit, a tale that seems to be about Justin remodeling his hundred-year-old house, but then uncoils into suspense, and even horror.


Justin is also a personality in the DIY field, winning awards and maintaining his own articles and high-style videos. See all his works at www.justindipego.com.

Gerald DiPego

Gerald DiPego

My book on Creative Writing, containing all the tips, examples and methodology from my fifty years in the field, was a nominee for the BOOK OF THE YEAR award presented by Foreward INDIES, the organization honoring independently published books. Please check out the testimonials and reviews for this how-to on Amazon and here on this site. WRITE! Find the Truth in Your Fiction is available in paperback and as an ebook.

I presented a talk to the Salt lake City Film Festival and screened my most recent film, Words and Pictures, there. In March I will present two of my plays in the Santa Ynez Valley. Next year I’m scheduled to mentor at the Rocaberti Writers Retreat in southern France.

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